Intairco iTrap Classic 60 Pro

The new iTrap 60 Classic Pro Series features

Intairco's renowned Stainless Steel Difusser design as well as a bubble level and isolation mounting system

Dual Tank input porting option

G 1/8 Porting for Super Flow applications and zero restriction for 8mm Festo Tubing and XXL Tygon Tubing

A full range of connections to suit both 4mm & 6mm Festo Tubing as well as for XL Tygon Tubing

Connections available in both Compression Barbs and Festo QS Series or Festo QS elbow.

Suited for Turbines  190N plus


Intairco iTrap Classic 60 Pro

iTrap Classic 60 Pro, the third generation iTrap from Intairco, beautiful in design form but more importantly, superb in performance.

New features include:

Bubble level

Isolation mounting system

G1/8 Ports for engines 190N plus

Simpler for customers to fully service.

And of course, it still features our proven Stainless Steel Diffuser as used so successfully in the previous two iTrap generations. 

Choose between single or dual inputs with a variety of fitting options.


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  • including GST
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Nominal Capacity: 250ml (8.8fl oz)

Length: 110mm (4.3in)

Width: 64mm (2.5in)

Height: 64mm (2.5in)

Dry Weight: 150g (6oz)

    • Weight
      0.2000 kg
    • SKU
      INT IAC-1650
  • Inlet single or dual?
    Single, Dual
  • Fittings
    4mm Festo QS, 6mm Festo QS, 4mm Elbow Festo QS, 6mm Elbow Festo QS, Comp barb to suit 6mm Festo tube / X Large Tygon, No fittings

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