Mejzlik 2 Blade Props


Carbon props


Mejzlik are the most popular props for the most of the top large remote controlled acrobatic model pilots. It is almost a rule that eight out of every ten pilots of the most prestige world acrobatic competitions are using Mejzlik’s props. Be one of them! Be convinced that Mejzlik’s props are supporting higher performance but low noise level of propulsive unit as well as unique safety run. Besides, they are really nice!


When we design our propellers we taking the advantage of many years experience of our specialists as well as knowledge of costumers. Last but not least we are keeping up to date with all aerodynamic and composite technologies, with that is helping us cooperation with professionals from top research and university working stations in Czech Republic.


Mejzlik’s props are made only from the high quality carbon fabric and rovings, filled with epoxy resin made suitable for our needs. During the making procedure are our specialists following exact technological steps, including not only quality and amount of material but also temperature and other physical aspects of working environment.


Props labelling:


XX x YY – diameter of prop in inches x pitch of prop in inches
3B – three bladed prop
N – prop with narrower blades
W – propeller with wider blades
S –  props with scimitar-shaped blades
TH – prop with very thin profile of blades
EVO – our newest type of props with new profile
L – lightweight prop with composite torsional interstice in leading edge of blade


Label N or W is connected to the basic, standard execution. It means in general features, if you need to load down an engine, but nearest prop with higher diameter is too “heavy”, it is possible to use prop “W” with wider blades. And other way round if you need to reduce the load on the engine, use the one with narrower blades.


Scimitar shaped props should reduce the level of noise even more. As other aspects are counted, it is recommended to verify real benefit.


Props with TH label are equipped with very thin profile. TH props were originally designed for electric motors, as we discovered thanks to elaborated construction and quality, they could be without any problems used with gas engines as well


EVO props are modern, light props with new, more efficient shape of blade and a new profile. This combination brings a sinking of noisiness, increasing of efficiency and more power for your machine.


Lighter props labelled “L” are made by new procedure where is between the top and the bottom of propeller’s shell glued a prepared torsion box. They guarantee great strength and toughness of the blade with lowest possible weight. Namely: Props L are from 20% to 30% lighter than the standard version.