We act as sales / service rep and warehouse for CARF-Models quality kits / spare parts in Australia. It is Composite-Arf policy to sell their products direct to their customers via the internet all over the world. 

You can log into their web page here: CARF-Models . All prices listed on their web page will be in USD. When you enter a quote request into their web page you will received an email detailing any local freight costs. Alternatively you can simply contact us directly for a quote on anything in their range.

Payments can be made direct to CARF-Models via Credit Card, PayPal or International Bank Transfer. We can facilitate payment via either a cash payment to us or a bank transfer to our Westpac account which we will then forward to their Hong Kong account. Please give us a call if you have any further questions.

Additionally, we now keep a range of CARF-Models more popular kits in stock here, and owned by us. You can purchase any of the models and spare parts listed below in AUD and including GST directly from us. 

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