Intairco iTrap 30 pro

The new iTrap 30 replaces the iTrap Mini. The new design promises a stable mount, easy assembly and a very low weight. It is also very easy to carry out maintenance work due to the construction. 

The new Itrap 30 is also equipped with the unique filter system, so no large air bubbles are drawn in by the pump when there is a lack of fuel in the hopper, but the fuel is 'foamed' and can thus continue to supply the turbine with fuel, the flame does not break off and the FlameOut is prevented.

The connections are connected with an M5 screw thread, so there is enough diameter to supply even thirsty turbines of the smaller class.

Suitable for turbines from 20N to 80N thrust.

Select from no fitting, 4mm barb, 6mm barb or 4mm Festo QS in straight or elbow.

( Replaces Intairco mini Trap IAC-912 )

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Nominal Capacity: 35ml

Length: 78mm

Width: 38mm

Height: 38mm

Dry Weight: 82g

    • Weight
      0.2000 kg
    • SKU
      INT IAC-1350
  • Fittings
    4mm barb, 6mm barb, 4mm Festo QS, 4mm Festo QS elbow, No fittings

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