1/4.5 - 1/4 Modern Jet RC Pilot Figure

1/4.5 - 1/4 Modern Jet RC Pilot Figure

This is a highly detailed 15" Tall Modern Jet Pilot Figure from WarBird Pilots. Designed perfectly as an RC Pilot Figure. This pilot will fit perfectly in your 1/4.5 and 1/4th Scale Jets and planes. Each figure has a cotton body with a wire frame, which allows them to be put into any position. The pilot only weighs 7 ounces. Making it the lightest full figure pilot on the market.

At 15 inches tall, These pilots are perfect for your 1/4.5 ~ 1/4 Scale Jets.

Can be Made into a Bust: Because the figure is cotton filled, it can be made into a Bust by taking a pair of scissors and cutting it at your desired location.


- 15" Tall Figure
- All new professionally painted head
- HGU-55 Jet Helmet with Visor and Removable Oxygen Mask
- Green Flight Suit
- Flight Harness
- Black Boots

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