Castle Creations BEC

Castle Creations BEC

Castle Creations Battery Elimination Circuit

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What The Heck Is A BEC?

Our Battery Eliminator Circuits are small devices that eliminate the need for a receiver and servo battery pack. They draw higher voltage from the motor batteries and drop it to a voltage level that is suitable for your receiver and servos. This is required in applications which draw high power for multiple servos or use more than 3S motor packs, as most ESCs with linear BECs are not designed for these applications.

NOTE: CC BEC Pro should never be operated in series or parallel with another BEC or backup receiver pack connected to the RX/Servo side of the circuit.



CC BEC SpecsCC BEC Pro Specs
1.2" (30mm)
1.69" (43mm)
1.3" (33mm)
0.4" (10mm)
0.94" (24mm)
0.4 oz* (11g)*
1 oz* (29g*)
Max Amps
10 amps peak**
 <12 volts input = 7 amps**
 <24 volts input = 5 amps**
20 amps peak**
Max Volts
5v to 25v
 2s to 6s LiPo
Cars: 6s (25v)
 Airplanes: 10s (40v)
 Helicopters (with brake disabled): 12s (50v)
Adjustable Output Voltage
4.8V to 9 volts.
4.8V to 12.5V
Wiring Diagrams (click image to open)
Phoenix Ice Lite 50 Technical Drawing
Phoenix Ice Lite 75/100 Technical Drawing

*Weight without wires
 **Ratings are determined with a 5mph airflow on the BEC.

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