Props and Spinners

Props and Spinners

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  • APC 18x8 Gas propeller LP18x8

    APC 18x8 Propellor to suit gas powered planes

    • $49.00AUD
    • including GST
  • Positive Snap Prop Covers


    **** Only large size left in stock of these. See the DA prop covers for more size options. ***


    Protect your pride and joy with Positive Snap’s range of Prop Covers.

    Made from top quality neoprene and designed to fit perfectly over carbon and wood props, these are a worthy investment to protect not only your prop but also anything that may come in contact with it on the way to and from the field.



    • $5.00AUD
    • including GST
  • Menz Props

    Menz Props - Ideal for your Moki engine.

    • $35.00AUD
    • including GST
  • KS Alloy Spinner

    KS Alloy Spinners available in a range of sizes

    • $39.00AUD
    • including GST
  • Desert Aircraft Prop Covers

    Prop covers / prop protector.

    High quality printed neoprene with stitched edging. 

    Designed to protect your props during transport and storage. 


    Small - 18" to 21" props
    Medium - 22"-24" props
    Large - 25" -29" props
    X-Large - 30"-34" props

    Available in Red or Blue. 


    NOTE: These covers are sold individually, with a minimum order of 2, for a 2 blade prop.  Please order the correct number of covers to suit your prop. 

    • $6.50AUD
    • including GST
  • Falcon Carbon Spinner

    Top quality Carbon Fiber Spinners from Falcon.

    • All spinners come with CNC machined lightened back-plate, grey anodized.
    • Back-plate and spinner are precision drilled for the holding screws.
    • Lightweight and durable.
    • Clear coated carbon fibre gloss finish.
    • Available cut for 2 or 3 blade propellors, and in sizes ranging from 3" to 6".
    • All spinners are supplied with a small driver to keep in your flight box, for easy removal of the screws at the field.
    • $108.00AUD
    • including GST
    Only 9 left in stock.
  • APC 20x15(WCAR-T6) Gas race prop

    APC 20x15 race propellor to suit gas powered planes in AT6 racing class. (50-60cc)

    • $49.00AUD
    • including GST