Canister Exhausts

Canister Exhausts

CanisterFrontMTW TD 4030cc225mm55mm22mm15mm173gMTW H1KS 503
CanisterRearMTW TDH 4030cc225mm55mm22mm15mm173gMTW H1KS 503
CanisterFrontMTW TD 4535cc285mm55mm22mm15mm190gMTW H1KS 503
CanisterRearMTW TDH 4535cc285mm55mm22mm15mm190gMTW H1KS 503
CanisterFrontKS 79 S35cc235mm55mm22mm14mm165gKS 503MTW H1
CanisterRearKS 79 VS35cc235mm55mm22mm14mm190gKS 503MTW H1
Tuned PipeRearKS 103035cc625mm55mm22mm14mm230gKS 503MTW H1
CanisterFrontMTW TD7560cc355mm55mm25mm15mm250gMTW H1KS 503
CanisterRearMTW TDH 7560cc355mm55mm25mm15mm250gMTW H1KS 503
CanisterRearMTW TDH 75K60cc235mm70mm25mm15mm235gMTW H2Secraft M
CanisterFrontMTW TD 80K60cc245mm70mm25mm15mm250gMTW H2Secraft M
Tuned PipeRearMTW RE260cc750mm55mm25mm15mm270gMTW RH2KS 503
CanisterFrontKS 86 S65cc250mm60mm25mm16mm190gKS 504Secraft S
CanisterRearKS 86 VS65cc250mm60mm25mm16mm225gKS 504Secraft S
CanisterFrontKS 3086 S65cc360mm60mm25mm14mm250gKS 504Secraft S
CanisterRearKS 3086 VS65cc370mm60mm25mm16mm270mKS 504Secraft S
Tuned PipeRearKS 106065cc680mm60mm25mm16mm270gKS 504Secraft S
Tuned PipeRearMTW RE385cc830mm60mm28mm15mm350gMTW RH3Secraft S
CanisterFrontKS 95 S95cc300mm75mm30mm18mm300gKS 506Secraft L
CanisterRearKS 95 VS95cc300mm75mm30mm18mm360gKS 506Secraft L
CanisterFrontKS 3095 S95cc380mm75mm30mm18mm350gKS 506Secraft L
CanisterRearKS 3095 VS95cc380mm75mm30mm20mm410gKS 506Secraft L
CanisterFrontMTW TD 11095cc355mm70mm28mm18mm350gMTW H2Secraft M
CanisterRearMTW TDH 11095cc360mm70mm28mm18mm360gMTW H2Secraft M
CanisterFrontMTW TD 120K95cc270mm80mm28mm18mm295gMTW H3Secraft L
CanisterFrontMTW TD 130105cc350mm80mm28mm18mm360gMTW H3Secraft L
Tuned PipeRearKS 1090125cc750mm75mm30mm18mm410gKS 506Secraft L
  • MTW 2 into 1 system for DA70

    MTW 2 into 1 system for DA70

    Complete set of 2 into 1 header (60mm or 90mm drop), 28mm PTFE coupler and clamps, and MTW TDH110 rear exit canister. 

    Also now available as a "kit" option. Can be made for a drop of 40mm to 120mm.

    60mm drop to suit the Extreme Flight 91" Extra.

    90mm drop to suit AJ Laser

    • $549.00AUD
    • including GST
    Sorry, we only have 3 of that item available