PowerBox ESC Backup

PowerBox ESC Backup

The ESC Backup enables the user to produce a reliable, redundant receiver power supply using an existing speed controller’s BEC power supply and an auxiliary battery. The ESC Backup has two inputs from the speed controller: one for the PWM output, the other for telemetry - if present.

The signals are passed through 1:1, while the current-bearing conductors are de-coupled from the support battery, which is connected on the underside.

The result is that any failure, or even a short-circuit in the speed controller’s BEC circuit, has no adverse effect on the receiver power supply.

The ESC Backup can handle currents up to 20A, and is supplied ready to install, with all connectors and cables.

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Technical Data

Operating voltagemax. 20V
Maximum load current20A
Drop-out voltage0.3V
Dimensions30 x 20 mm
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