Kits available for pre-order

Here's the great range of Pilot RC models that aren't currently in stock here, but you can certainly order..

You can pre-order any model in the scheme you want and we'll do our best to get your plane in our next container.  

We would expect any pre-ordered stock from Pilot RC to arrive towards the end of the year.  ETA may change from this time, we will update as we know more. 

Pre-Order Process:

We do not take any money as an initial deposit on general stock items.
Please call us to discuss your order and we will add your plane to our container. 

Once our order is finalized with the factory and ready to ship, we will require a 20% holding deposit, with balance and freight to be paid on or just before stock arrives here, to ensure your plane is immediately dispatched. 

Orders for non-stock items such as a custom scheme plane or a high value unique plane such as a 180" Yak will require an inital deposit. 

Final pricing is subject to flutuation of the Australian Dollar. We will do our best to hold pricing to that shown currently, but an increase may be necessary. This is a low margin industry.

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