Pilot RC Decathlon 150" Scheme 01

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmmNs17ZM_E&list=UUEI_f0b-St9UMa1ub286dxw&index=10&feature=plcp

Manual: http://www.pilot-rc.com/Upload/201402040810.pdf



• Strong Light Weight Construction, can hover with a 100cc engine. 
• good for aerobatics

• Provision for 1 aileron servos per wing,  1 servo for per flap , 1 elevator servos per stab,  1 servos for rudder.
• Cowl is factory mounted
• Canister tunnel fits most standard canisters
• Beautifully machined aluminum wheels and rubber tires
• Axles and wheelcollars

• Turnbuckle linkage and ball links
• Factory hinged ailerons and elevators
• Removable rudder  
• Pull-pull rudder system and push push rudder system, you can choose what you like.
• Quickly install in the field. less than 10 minutes.  
• Flaps preinstalled.  

Carbon Fiber accessories:

• Painted CF Spinner, which is cut for a 2-blade propeller.
• Painted Carbon Fiber landing gear
• CF tailwheel assembly
• Twin CF wing tubes
• Twin CF stab tubes



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