Extreme Flight 67" Laser RXR White/Blue/Red/Silver

Extreme Flight 67" Laser RXR White/Blue/Red/Silver

The Extreme Flight 67” Laser RxR is a dream come true - a top-quality balsa ARF with incredible flight performance, paired the very best components, pre-installed. Just like our 67” Extra 260 RxR which has impressed pilots all over the world, the 67” Laser is a new kind of receiver-ready aircraft: Not a single thing is less than optimal. We install the same components that we recommend and that our pro Team pilots fly in the airplane:

Unlike other manufacturers, we aren’t buying cheap, no-name stuff to put in our receiver-ready aircraft. We install the good stuff. It costs a little more but it’s so worth it. The amazing T-motor AM670 power system is fully-installed and ready. Fast and powerful Theta 989 servos with Extreme Flight aluminum arms are installed and ready. All servo extensions are installed. Even the XT-90 battery connector is installed.

Constructed with generous amounts of carbon fiber and the very best materials, the Laser EXP is strong and light, and it’s covered in genuine Ultracote. Convenient wing and canopy latches mean quick set-up at the field for maximum flight time - and you’re going to want every second to enjoy this outstanding aircraft.

You can go box-to-flight in less than an hour, and have ALL of the performance and quality as if you assembled it yourself. This is a win/win. Push the easy button - get the 67” Laser RxR.

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