Extreme Flight 114" Slick 580 - Red/Silver

You've never seen a 40% aircraft perform like this! With a 114" wingspan, the brand new Extreme Flight Slick 580 is a true 40% scale version of the original aircraft and represents a paradigm shift in how we've come to expect these large models to perform. Equally at home low and slow, fast and aggressive, flying big sky precision or wrapping around itself in a crankshaft, the Slick is a versatile performer that will delight those of you looking for maximum performance and fun!

Featuring all of the latest refinements and quick release technology, the Slick goes together fast on the workbench with only a few basic assembly steps to complete. At the field it goes together and disassembles in record time, giving you more flying time per visit.

The Slick 580 arrives to you in a highly prefabricated state with control surfaces glued in place and hinge lines sealed. It features a removable rudder which aids in transporting the airframe in smaller vehicles. It is available in 2 awesome high visibility standard Ultracote color schemes and features competition proven hardware components. The 114" Slick 580 is an absolute BEAST on any good quality 150-180cc gas engine. Ultra torque metal geared servos are absolutely necessary for maximum performance and you have the choice to run 2 or 3 servos per aileron depending on your roll and snap performance expectations.

Experience the paradigm shift for yourself with the Extreme Flight 40% Slick 580!

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114 Slick Spec


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