XPWR 60cc Motor

Xpwr 60cc- This motor is for our 88"-94" models on 12s lipo and 160HV speed controller. 12S Lipo operation and 160 Amp HV speed controller minimum. 60CC notes: Our testing carried out on Castle firmware V4.22, expect 130 amps on fresh lipo packs using largest prop, for approximately 6,000 watts.


Weight: 1168 grams (including radial mount and prop adapter)
KV: 190
Pole: 24 Stator Poles
Bullet connectors: 8.0 mm female installed, male bullet connectors included
Recommended prop: 23 x 10, 24 x 10, 24 x 12
Note on using largest prop recommendation for each motor: The largest prop recommendation for each motor is a maximum-performance prop for 3D and extreme aerobatic flying. It is not needed or recommended for sport flying where long, sustained full-throttle usage is intended. It is for aerobatic flight where full-throttle is used in bursts.
Maximum temperature (on outside of motor): 175F / 80C


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A detailed explanation written by Ben Fisher of the proper applications for the new Xpwr motors.


XPWR 60CC applications:

Big 50-60CC planes or 70CC planes. All the extreme flight 88-91" planes. We fly this on 12S 5000-6000mah with 24" props 9-10-12" pitch. Whatever prop it takes for your setup to have about 6000 watts is good. You have about 300 watts per pound to play with, and as you can see in the video, it tosses the big 91" Yak around like nothing. Use a 160 amp ESC, nothing less. BlazingStar standoff kit is on the way.


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