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Menz Props - Ideal for your Moki engine.

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Menz propellers are produced with high precision machines especially developed for these purposes and made out of hand-selected German beechwood. The production process was developed by company founder Horst Menz and is constantly improved. The results are high-quality propellers in various sizes with profiles and shapes which are developed in theory and improved during practical use. Thus we can state not without pride that our products belong with certainty to the best ones worldwide and own a flawless call. The best proof for this is the fact that Menz profiles are often copied by various other manufacturers of wooden- and Gfk/Cfk-propellers. But as often with brand products, the following sentence also counts here: Just where MENZ is printed on, you will also find MENZ (knowhow) inside. Our propellers are delivered in 2, 3 and 4 blade-versions. Our 3 and 4 blade- versions are glued with special high-strength glues and afterwards brought to a certain temperature to guarantee a flawless connection which is strong enough to stand the high mechanical and tractive powers. Random checks, like train strength tests, guarantee a constantly high-class standard. So there is no incident known in the 26-year-old company history which is to be led back on material or processing of a Menz propeller. 3 and 4 Blade props are available on request. Contact us for more info.

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      0.4000 kg
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      MENZ2 20x16
  • SizexPitch
    20x14 2 Blade, 20x16 2 Blade, 24x16 2 Blade, 28x14 2 Blade, 30x10 2 Blade, 32x14 2 Blade, 32x18 2 Blade, 21x12 3 Blade, 22x12 3 Blade, 24x16 3 Blade, 26x14 3 Blade, 28x16 3 Blade, 30x16 3 Blade

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