DA Australia Non-Slip Battery Straps

Secure your batteries and accessories with our non-slip battery straps.

When a strong and high quality strap was not available on the market that met our standards, we designed our own!

The key difference with these straps is they are backed with a super sticky silicone rubber layer that keeps a tight grip to stop the important bits sliding around under vibration and aerobatic forces. 

Heavy duty stitching and a thick buckle so they won't let you down. 


Sizes are the length of the "loop" part of the material, excluding the folded "hook" to give you an approximate maximum usable length.

25mm x 100mm: Ideal for very small packs, or securing a kill switch or similar. It will JUST go around a DA Australia 2500mah 2S Li-Ion pack nicely, but if you put foam or similar under your packs, move up a size.  

25mm x 150mm: Use with our DA Australia 5000mah 2S Square shaped Li-Ion packs. 

25mm x 200mm: For our DA Australia 5000mah 2S Flat shaped Li-Ion packs, or a larger 2 LiPo pack. 


Check out our matching 50mm wide Fuel Tank Straps too.

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      DA Straps 25x100 S
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    25mm x 100mm, 25mm x 150mm, 25mm x 200mm

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