Extreme Flight RC 104" Laser EXP Printed Scheme

Introducing the brand new Extreme Flight 104" Laser EXP! The word is out that the Extreme Flight Laser EXP is THE machine for all things aerobatic. Whether you fly precision aerobatics, low and slow 3D, XA or a combination of them all our Laser series aircraft set the bar for modern aerobatic flight. The 104" 120cc Laser takes it to the next level!

During the development and build up to each new release we work closely with our factory engineers to update and improve our construction methods. We listen closely to customer feedback and constantly strive to build the perfect airframe. We are also very fortunate to work with the top RC aerobatic pilots in the world and their feedback is invaluable to us. The Laser EXP features the most up to date and modern construction methods currently employed in an aerobatic model. It is available in the classic Leo Loudenslager Oracover/Ultracote scheme as well as the stunning RED/WHITE/BLUE printed scheme. A top quality hardware package with genuine Dubro ball inks, composite control horns that ensure proper geometry, carbon main gear and tailwheel assembly as well as a carbon wing and stab tube are all standard fare. The Laser is very easy to assemble and can easily be ready to fly over the course of a weekend.


Jase Dussia flying the EF 104" Laser EXP!
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Product Information


Wingspan: 104 inches
Length: 101.5 inches
Wing Area 1900 Sq. in.
Weight: 26 to 28 lbs.

Power System

Desert Aircraft DA 120cc
Blazing Star DA 120 stand-off
FlowMaster 34 oz. fuel tank
EF Fuel Dot
Header Drop: 50mm for canister or tuned pipe applications 


5 inch

Radio and Servo Requirements

Radio: A modern radio with channel mixing
Servos: Qty. 7 high torque metal gear servos, MKS HBL 380, MKS HBL 599, MKS HV777A+
Throttle Servo: MKS HV1250

Servo Arms

Qty. 4 Extreme Flight 1.5" single servo arms (tapped 3mm) for Ailerons
Qty. 3 Extreme Flight 2" single servo arms (tapped for 3mm) for Elevators and Rudder

Servo Extensions

Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 24 inch for outboard Ailerons servos
Qty. 1 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 24 inch for Throttle servo
Qty. 3 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 48 inch for Elevators and Push-Pull Rudder
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 2-wire MPX connector for easy wing connection

Chris JewettÕs build video of the 104" Extra for reference.

104" Extra ARF Assembly Video 1
104" Extra ARF Assembly Video 2
104" Extra ARF Assembly Video 3
104" Extra ARF Assembly Video 4
104" Extra ARF Assembly Video 5
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