Desert Aircraft Engines

Desert Aircraft Engines

Desert Aircraft Australia is the distributor for the USA made Desert Aircraft engines. These two-stroke petrol engines are best suited for giant scale aerobatics as they are able to swing large props at low RPM. Unlike some of the market, DA engines are manufactured from parts that were designed specifically for them, instead of being manufactured from the readily available spare parts for other gas motors. This is what makes them so suited to RC.

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  • DA-35

    • $899.00AUD
    • including GST
  • DA 50-R

    This is DA's sport entry level to gas motors. It is reliable and produces all the power neccessary for your 14-18lb aerobatic aircraft.

    • $949.00AUD
    • including GST
  • DA 60

    The DA60 is the latest high performance offering from Desert Aircraft for planes in the 50cc to 70cc class.

    • $1099.00AUD
    • including GST
  • DA 70

    Backed by the best service and support in the industry. Designed for 18-24 lb aerobatic aircraft

    • $1299.00AUD
    • including GST
  • DA 85

    Ultimate Power in its class !

    The all-new DA-85 combines the low weight and the affordable price of an single-cylinder-engine with the power usually only 100cc engines have. The perfect choice for your 35% sized airplane.

    • $1199.00AUD
    • including GST
  • DA 100-L

    The well proven DA-100 now even lighter and stronger !

    We couldn't resist adding some new features like a new reed cage, reed valve and a lighter crankcase to our 100cc engine. Here is the result: The DA-100L is now lighter, has more power and improved midrange.

    • $1699.00AUD
    • including GST
  • DA100I Inline

    The DA 100I is a computer designed high-performance model aircraft engine. The perfectly balanced and harmonized design of the piston, conrod and crankshaft was achiefed with the help of a computer simulation program. The DA 100I has the lowest vibration levels in it`s class over the entire throttle range.

    • $2699.00AUD
    • including GST
  • DA 120

    The ultimate combination of performance and reliability!
    Backed by the best service and support in the industry.

    • $1999.00AUD
    • including GST
  • DA 150L

     Lighter case and cylinders! Improved reed valve!

    • $2399.00AUD
    • including GST
    Out of stock
  • DA 170

    The new benchmark for 40% aerobatic planes ! 

    With the experience of the extremely reliable DA-150 in our mind, we created the all-new DA-170. Even lighter, even stronger and the same reliability as the 150: The new champion for your 40% airplane.

    • $2799.00AUD
    • including GST
    Out of stock
  • DA 200

    The Champion of Champions !

    After its first presentation at the 2002 TOC, the DA-200 started its career winning every Shootout competition - and much more. Now it is available to do its amazing job also in your 40-50% airplane. Enjoy the extremely low vibration and the best mid-range transition you can think of. The DA-200, our new masterpiece!

    • $5199.00AUD
    • including GST
    Out of stock
  • DA 215

    The newest Desert Aircraft offering, Shipping now!

    Already proven in competition, the DA215 is a great option for your 40%+ sized model. It boasts tons of torque with a robust build. The length and width are nearly identical to the DA170, which allows it to fit into the cowlings of many planes already on the market. 

    • $3999.00AUD
    • including GST
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