DA Australia Lithium Ion Battery Packs

When nothing was available locally that met our standards, we designed these packs ourselves.

Built for high performance, extreme reliability and durability. Specifically for use in Giant Scale Gas RC Aircraft where vibration is a concern. 

Our battery packs are proudly assembled right here in Australia using genuine Samsung cells, the best cells we could find for the job. 

  • Our packs are made to order with the leads your require. 
  • Lead length is around 20cm. 
  • Connectors other than JR will run 16AWG Silicone Wire.


Built to your configuration below.
Due to our busy workload, allow up to 3 business days to build and ship your packs.

  • $59.00AUD
  • including GST
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75mm Long x 38mm Wide x 22mm High
Weight with 16AWG Lead: 115g

5000mAh Square Shape:
75mm Long x 38mm Wide x 38mm High
Weight with 16AWG Lead: 210g

5000mAh Flat Shape:
75mm Long x 75mm Wide x 22mm High
Weight with 16AWG Lead: 210g



Every pack comes fitted with a Yellow/Black lead with JR connector marked CHARGE ONLY
This lead is wired to a built-in charge protection circuit. This lead should always be used when charging. It can also be used to supply low current power for non-critical applications, and for load testing your pack.

To give you the most reliable source of power for your plane, the main lead also fitted to the pack bypasses this protection circuit and is wired directly to the cells, it is therefore is not recommended for charging as you will have zero protection.

If the pack is not charged via the Yellow/Black charge lead with the wrong charger settings, you have the very real possibility of a fire.

  • Charge only via the Yellow/Black Lead
  • Your charger needs to be set to charge the pack as a 2S LiPo, 7.4v.
  • If you set your charger to Lithium Ion 7.2v, your charge will cut off before the pack is actually fully charged. 
  • There is no balance lead on the pack and there is no need for one either. 
  • We recommend you charge at a rate of around 1.25 amps to prolong the life of your pack, with a max charge rate of 3.0 amps. 
    • Weight
      0.2000 kg
    • SKU
      PLAT 2500
  • Pack Size
    2500mAh, 5000mAh Square Shape, 5000mAh Flat Shape
  • Connector
    JR, MPX, Deans style, XT30, XT60, EC3, 2nd JR

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